Video Slots

Close your eyes. What do you see whenever you envision a new video slot machine? Probably a multi-colored touch screen with alluring sound effects in the background. Or, is it an ordinary machine with three or five reels and a lever at the side? Whichever the case, slots graced the gambling community over a century ago and to be more specific, 1895. And it is at this juncture that we hail Charles Fey, the inventor of the first ever slot machine dubbed ‘the Liberty Bell’.

The Liberty Bell’s 3-reel, five symbols and $0.50 jackpot feature spiraled the game to stardom. For a few years after its invention, saloons, cigar stores, bowling alleys, and barber shops across California featured the game. Despite the fact that the slot machine was banned in 1909, it did not stop the game’s growing popularity, on the contrary. Fey’s competitors incorporated features like gum vending services in a bid to confuse law enforcement officers.

Even back then, it was quite evident that slot machines were not going anywhere. It is, therefore, not surprising that with the upsurge of technology, the game evolved. In essence, 1963 witnessed the first electric slot machine thanks to Bally. Fortune Coin Co. quickly followed suit when they produced their own electric version in 1976. And surprisingly, this was only the beginning.

For every technological advancement brought forth new video slots online, hence, completely revolutionizing the mechanical slot era to what we see today. What’s more, endless variations have popped up in a bid to suit every gamer’s preferences.


Various statistics show that slots are the most played casino game worldwide. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the game offers a myriad of variations. In essence, factors that distinguish these variations purely revolve around a kind of theme, the number of bet lines available, and the bonus features available.


However, since they feature similar concept similarities are inevitable. Perhaps the most notable one is the fact that they present fair gameplay. Meaning, gaming results from any slot machine offer credible outcomes thanks to their inbuilt Random Number Generator. Now, back to the various video slot machine variants. To kick us off, we have – classical slot machines.

Classical Games

If you are the type of gamer to settle for simplicity over excess no matter the weather, then classic video slots will do the trick. But one might wonder, what is so exciting about a gaming machine featuring three reels and a few fruit icons? For starters, there is pretty straightforward gameplay with huge payouts. In detail, land three similar icons on the one and only payline, and the payout is all yours!

What’s more, the neon colors that grace the machine’s icons from an exciting ambience to all that appreciate a little bit of color. And just in case you desire to add in a tint of excitement into your casino session, five-reeled machines will do the trick. This is because the classical variant increases your chances of landing a bigger jackpot due to the availability of more reels.

Since the classical slot machine forms the basis of all other video slot titles, it is quite clear that the following variants are coupled with more complex mechanisms. However, this should not frighten you to move past your classical territory, quite the opposite. Have a taste of the multi-payline category. Who knows, it might be your favorite variant yet.

Multi Payline Games

Increase your winning potential by activating as many paylines as possible. In case you are accustomed to the single payline gaming machine, behold a slot variant that can accommodate up to bet lines. This not only increases your chances of landing a payout but also your wager per spin. Therefore, if staking big is your kind of deal, better activate all your paylines to get ready to reap big.

Jackpot Machines

In most cases than not, the term ‘jackpot’ ushers an exhilarating feeling due to the huge amount up for grabs. Nonetheless, before you wager real cash at any gaming title with the promise of a jackpot prize, it is critical to identify the type of the jackpot prize up for grabs. Probably the earliest form of jackpot – flat top video slot machine.

  • Flat Top Jackpot – these are simply games that offer a fixed top reward, which if we may add is not close to a life-changing cash prize. Nonetheless, in a bid to make up for the low prize money, the game offers very high chances of winning it.
  • Progressive Jackpot – sounds familiar for this is very popular among online gambling websites. In essence, the jackpot increases over time as it constitutes a certain percentage of all wagers placed by gamers participating in the jackpot. Progressive jackpots can constitute a single gaming title in one casino or multiple titles across multiple sites. The latter is capable of paying out cash equitable to the sum won in a lottery.

The 3D Category

Experience the glitz and glam of a land-based casino floor right at the comfort of your home. That’s right; the 3D variety is capable of actualizing this thanks to its superb graphics, animations, sound effects and themes that are capable of immersing you into a gaming paradise.

Popular In game Features

If there were a vote for the most exciting aspect of a slot machine, bonuses would take it. Capable of taking multiple forms, in-game features go a long way at increasing your payout. From extra turns and additional games, there is always something to look forward to a video slot gaming title.

Bonus Rounds

In most cases, bonus rounds are triggered by three or more scatters on any position of the reels. These mini-games can come in the form of free spins, multipliers, and a rewarding pick and click feature. For larger payouts, a machine may offer bonus symbols (in addition to the scatter) that trigger bonus rounds of their own. Here, you stand a chance of reaping tremendous cash prizes, so watch out for any bonus mini-game at your favorite video slot machine.

Double or Nothing

This is a popular feature among video slots that allows you to double your wins once you make a correct prediction. However, there is a catch, a wrong prediction leads to a forfeiture of all your wins so partake on this mini-game only when you believe lady-luck is on your side.

The Nuiances of Video Slots

How to Bet on Video Poker Slots If you really need to win, you’ll have to bet correctly. With today’s 5-reel slots there are lots of approaches to win. There are a lot of slots to select from, so here are a few of our favourites you might start with if you’re new. Exactly as it sounds, completely free slots with free spins give slots players the opportunity to earn extra cash without needing to wager again. Video slots are definitely the most popular sort of on-line slot machines particularly since they provide a literally unlimited selection of gaming options both for software developers and gamblers. In any case, modern-day video slots permit us to relish on the timeless fruit and penny machines, masterly brought back to life in the internet format with the aid of top quality graphics.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Video Slots

Now once you turn on the machine, you will receive the insert coin message. The machine provides you five cards to select from and pays you based on the value of your hand. The fastest machine provides the very best performance. The machines are made to take more cash than they give and to earn a profit for the casino. Although slot machines hold nearly all casino revenue, there are some people who love a challenging game of poker. The slot machine is named Cherries Jubilee.

Numerous online bingo sites make itself available in the internet domain. There are a lot of choices available to play best online bingo. Because there are a great number of variations of the game, a skilled player has to be in a position to pick his strategy in line with the game.

Where to Find Video Slots

All slot machines you may play on our websites at no cost, underneath each game there’s a URL to casinos where you could play it for real money. To begin with, ensure the site is legitimate and licensed. The online bingo sites also accept lots of currencies so as to accommodate international consumers. Additionally, the on-line slots site will most likely not accept your registration if you’re located in a restricted nation. Thus, it’s said the online bingo communities play a significant role in making the players visit the website again. Many fully higher end technology sites are offered on the web.

You can choose a casino once you’re conscious of the various kinds of online casinos and what they offer. Casinos using cryptocurrencies have the ability to bypass cash handling commissions, also. Some cruise casinos will provide you with the chance to get taxes deducted from your winnings immediately, while some supply you with the choice of taking your full winnings and paying your own taxes later. If you’re planning on hitting the casinos and winning you want to be well prepared. The casino at the Gold Strike can be found on the very first floor. On-line casinos are prone to a deficiency of transparency. Most reputable on-line casinos have bonuses for folks who sign up on their sites.

If you don’t understand how to play poker by making use of a deck of cards, you’ll want to read up on the principles of playing poker. Video poker is a fairly new entrant into the area of gambling. Unlike slot machines, it requires a lot of skill. Many that have made the switch to video poker from card tables or normal slot machine games have discovered that video poker is really less difficult to win and earn a profit.

4 ideas to triumph at Video poker The four choices you must make are here. Most people who come to play video poker don’t know the fundamentals of game. As you will need the Royal Flush to succeed at video poker you want to play max coins. So, the very first approach to succeed at video poker is to play the top paying machines.

The Dirty Truth on Video Slots

Because the games are made outside the slot site there’s a whole lot of overlap in themes. Bingo game is just one of the biggest games played online and selection not difficult now every day. So, basically mobile bingo games are fun and simple to play and that is the reason they have become so common. Playing mobile bingo games isn’t just simple, but also safe.

When it has to do with our choice of slot games, we’ve got precisely the same casino strategy. Although some on-line games are barely more than clones of established classics including Tetris and Space Invaders, there are a few others which exist in a persistent digital world. On-line casino games have diversified the conventional method of betting or gaming. You will play a concise casino game and win a couple more bucks.

It may not be a bonus round, but wilds come with the ability to stand in for any icon on the reels (except the scatter) in a bid to complete a winning combination. A handy symbol when it comes to increasing your winning potential.

Now that you have a brief overview of what to expect at a video slot machine, let us get you started, shall we?

Dive in on All the Fun

Online gambling has never been this easy for no deposit video slots require you to set a wager in a bid to get in on all the action. And it gets easier, thanks to the auto play option that allows the reels to spin continuously. In case this is the first time encountering slots, below are some titles that are sure to spur in some excitement:

  • Tomb Raider
  • Cleopatra
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Major Millions
  • Wizard of Oz

What’s more, you can try them out the new free video slots on both the mobile and desktop platforms in a bid to perfect your gaming skills!